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ECA-10/12 inches Diagonal Flow Duct Fan

ECA-10/12 inches Diagonal Flow Duct Fan

ECA-10/12 inches Diagonal Flow Duct EC fans are used in indoor grow facilities and vertical farms, heating and cooling transfer, commercial drying and air filtration applications. Our inline blowers can also create a negative pressure environment, simulate wind, exhaust odors and fumes, and draw fresh air from the outdoors
Featuring a cutting-edge brushless EC motor and dual jet blades, this blower delivers 946 CFM of airflow at a maximum speed of just 126 W. The coated steel housing is rust-resistant and protects the motor and blade from accidental damage and harsh elements, reducing maintenance in demanding applications. This fan has an air intake protection rating of IPX4. Our fans do not "purify" or waste electricity at lower speeds.
  • Description
  • ◆Product Features
    The fan adopts a cold-rolled sheet metal paint shell, an engine-type double-blade structure and a leading-edge EC DC variable frequency motor. The motor has its own overload protection function. Low consumption and energy saving, and can bring large air volume and high air pressure. Digital signal control, multi-directional adapt to the market demand, using mini 0% - 100% stepless speed regulation, optional wall-mounted speed controller, LCD touch screen, remote wireless remote control.

    ◆Operating Conditions

    ◆Applicable occasions
    ECA fans can be widely used in the ventilation of civil residences, hotels, office buildings, urban complexes, planting and hydroponic projects where the space is small and the pipeline has a certain driving force along the route.

    ◆Product configuration
    Standard configuration: EC brushless DC motor; impeller; casing; current collector; mounting base; stepless speed controller (remote wireless remote control; LCD touch screen).

    Performance parameters
    Model Specification Name Rotating Speed(r/min Air Volume(m3/h Wind Pressure
    ECA-10 2600 1830 510 0.14 60 6 23*28*27.6
    ECA-12 2400 3100 670 0.28 60 7.5 24.5*33.6*33
    Model Specifications A B C E F
    ECA-10 230 159 254 280 276
    ECA-12 245 163 305 336 330
    Small and convenient for more scenarios

    The fan is small in size and widely used; easy to install in small spaces; suitable for residential, Internet cafes, KTV, restaurants, offices, office buildings, shopping malls, bars, medical centers, laboratories, computer rooms, chess and card rooms, gymnasiums, beauty salons, basements, fitness clubs, Swimming pools, production workshops and other environments that require ventilation.

    Different splicing schemes can be selected according to different needs: parallel installation, series installation, one-to-one installation.

    Parallel installation: Parallel installation of the same wind pressure in the pipeline can increase the air volume, which is suitable for places that require rapid ventilation.
    Series installation: The wind pressure of the pipeline remains unchanged, and the series installation can increase the wind pressure, which is suitable for long distance and high pipeline air supply places.
    One tow N installation: One fan can drag multiple air outlets, which is suitable for places where multiple spaces are ventilated.
    According to different application scenarios and needs, users can choose different installation methods for duct fan installation: front installation, ceiling installation, side wall installation.

Shaoxing Zhixin Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd.

Shaoxing Zhixin Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative technology company specializing in the research and development and production of high-efficiency and low-noise fans, intelligent fans, silent pumps, propellers, intelligent monitoring and fault warning systems for equipment, and providing intelligent operation and maintenance management services for ventilation and fluid transportation systems. Established in March 2018, it is located in Shangyu, Shaoxing, the hometown of Chinese fans, with a registered capital of 11.11 million yuan.
In recent years, the company has developed rapidly, development with technological innovation and aiming to occupy high-end markets.
As Custom ECA-10/12 inches Diagonal Flow Duct Fan Manufacturers, the company has set up a technology R&D center based on the backbone of the special fluid machinery research team of Zhejiang University's Institute of Advanced Technology, with three doctoral degree holders, four master's degree holders, one 151 talents from Zhejiang Province and one specially appointed expert. We are Wholesale ECA-10/12 inches Diagonal Flow Duct Fan Factory, Suppliers, the company has carried out in-depth industry-university-research cooperation with Zhejiang University, China Shipbuilding Group's affiliated research institutes and other military enterprises, and has mastered core technologies in high-efficiency low-noise fans, intelligent operation and maintenance of fans, intelligent detection and fault warning of fans, energy-saving transformation of ventilation systems, etc. The company has a number of invention patents and software copyrights on special fluid equipment such as low-noise and low-vibration pumps.
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